Hittin' the web

We’ve created Essence to hit hard and accurately. Our knowledge supported by many years of experience enables us to come up with efficient and useful solutions.

Store Manager

Providing merchant acquisition & account management services, EMMCOMM is one stop solution for the retailers, traders, manufacturers, MSME’s and artisans.

Multimedia 4 Power PR

From RSS feeds to Podcasting, multimedia is becoming the best way to reach the new savvy consumer. Study revealed that Multimedia Content Drives Nearly 10 Times More Visibility than Text.

Your Online Salesmen

It seems like before people buy anything these days, they research it online. Our interactive & responsive web designs act more like your “Online Salesmen”

Digital Word Of Mouth

We give you innovative solutions for greater Brand Awareness. We act as your Social Media Influencers harnessing the real power of being social.

Virtual YOU !

There’s no limit to the ways you can use webcasting platform. But the three most common solutions in which we have expertice in are Lecture, Enterprise & Event Webcasting.

Magic At WWWork...

Graphic design is one of our highest core competencies at Equinox Multimedia. We have had the opportunity to work on several important projects.

See what we can do for You. This is what we do best.
You don't need to be a 'factory' to produce effective solutions.
Stages and our principles in cooperation.
Ask about Cost Estimation, say hello.
Essence Weekly We have created online
identity for Essence
Product Photography We are experts in
Photography and optmize images for web solutions
Get Set Go..
3,2,1... Go New office, new website, new projects...
Equinox is hitting the web for good now, and we hope that in the coming months we will be able to share with you many cool productions.
Online account management service EMMCOMM is one stop solution for the retailers, traders, manufacturers, those who willing to sell their products online.
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