The Executor
A team man and proactive leader with expertise in Product/ Concept Marketing, Business Development, MIS management, Recruitment, Team Handling (On roll/Off roll) & Direct sales. Proficient in making of sales strategy and effectively implementing it in the market. Have proven ability in generating business in new and raw market, handling of brand promotion activities, launches of new product or concept in market, managing of events for the promotion of product or concept, creating synergic relation with clients & team.
The Creative
A truly talented wizard of visual arts, an apprentice of the great master Adobe, under whose guidance he received the highest degree of initiation. He specializes in the creation of unearthly websites inducing a hypnotic effect. He skillfully casts spells on simple shapes, transforming them into beautiful logotypes. Greedy for compliments, he likes to entertain onlookers with his special effects while still maintaining the usability principle.
The Design Wiz
The Engine
The Ultimate
Versatile and courageous, equipped with extremely powerful HTML5. His infallible CSS3 brings the opponent to the ground in a split second, and he strikes more demanding opponents with astonishing JavaScript techniques. He’s been exploring the arcane art of CMS, which he studied while developing proprietary solutions and ideas. Underneath the mask of a ruthless warrior, there is a more subtle side to him. With a group of his trusted companions, he indulges himself in his second passion - music.
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